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DIS-TRAN Celebrates National Pancake Day

Posted by Brooke Barone on Feb 5, 2013 12:23:00 PM

BB WG Pancake

In lieu of IHOPS’s National Pancake Day, DIS-TRAN Steel made over 100 delicious pancakes to serve their employees for breakfast today.

While IHOP’s free buttermilk short stacks can’t be beat, it's hard to make it over to the restaurant before work, so we decided to partake in this delicious day.  Okay, so maybe pancakes aren’t the healthiest breakfast choice, but they sure hit the spot!

It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and whether you’re a breakfast goer or not, you can’t pass up free, mouthwatering pancakes, especially when they are paired with crispy sausage links (Thanks Guillory's Specialty Meats).

How do you choose since there are numerous recipes, flavors, shapes, sizes and even cinnamon roll pancakes?

Well, I'd give you my grandmother's secret recipe, but then, you know...

I've gathered a list of 10 recipes that sounded too good to be true. Skip the chicken and broccoli tonight, and try one of these scrumptious pancake recipes.

  1. The Best Silver Dollar Pancakes Ever
  2. Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes
  3. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes 
  4. Fruit Explosion Pancakes
  5. Hot Chocolate Pancakes
  6. Multigrain Pancakes
  7. Apple Puff Pancake Pie
  8. Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes
  9. Good Old Fashioned Pancakes
  10. Gingerbread Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

If you try one of these recipes, or if you already have, please leave a comment below and give us your thoughts. Also, if you have any other pancakes recipes, please share!

Happy Pancake Day!

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Road to Recovery After Hurricane Sandy

Posted by Brooke Barone on Nov 7, 2012 2:09:00 PM

DIS-TRAN Wood Products has kicked it into overdrive as storm restoration orders began pouring in due to Super Storm, Hurricane Sandy, that left 8 million people cold and in the dark in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

Customers began calling in orders on October 26, three days before the hurricane hit, and are still being placed today, more than a week after Sandy pummeled the East Coast. Customers directly impacted include First Energy, Consolidated Edison, Pennsylvania Power & Light, as well as many other utilities in the surrounding area.

IMG 0214 resized 600 describe the image

We are running 24/7 and are assisting in any manner possible to help them restore power to their customers quickly. Employees in both of our production facilities, Pineville, LA and Vancouver, WA, have been working extended shifts, seven days a week to make sure we drill, bundle, treat and ship products where they are most needed.  In many cases, we are delivering cross arms to those utilities within 24 hours of order placement.

Having two production facilities gives us the flexibility we need in order to expedite cross arms as quickly as possible.  Also, our relationship with our key suppliers such as Columbia Vista Corporation has enabled us to secure the critical raw material needed in this effort. 

The devastation of Hurricane Sandy has impacted millions, making the need for product equal to that which was produced for Hurricane Katrina in 2006.  DIS-TRAN is no stranger to hurricanes and the demands that they create. We understand the Utility companies need to restore power fast, so we are here to help in any way we can. 

Let’s all also remember the valiant job that those Utility linemen are doing every day as they are the boots on the ground (or in the air in their case) in conditions that we cannot even imagine.   

To all of those who have been impacted, do not be discouraged by setbacks...they make you stronger.

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DIS-TRAN Goes Pink!

Posted by Brooke Barone on Oct 30, 2012 8:56:00 AM

While October brings the ghouls and goblins and witches fly through the night on their broomsticks, October also brings hope.

Pink shirts, pink hats, pink wristbands, pink tutus, pink socks, pink hair… pink, pink, PINK!

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we participated in several events throughout the community, as well as raised money for the CenLa Race for a Cure.

Painting The Town Pink…

  • Boobs of Steel Susan G Komen Walk 040 resized 600

With 36 employees and their families participating in the Susan G. Komen CenLa Race for a Cure, we raised $400 in under one week! Our team colors were ice grey and bright pink, and with Ernest Lemoine’s… well, we’ll just call it creativity- our team name was Boobs of Steel. Although it was pretty early for a Saturday morning and a bit chilly, every team member was out there with a smile, enthusiasm and ready to take on the 5K. A big thanks to Shea Rax, or better known as Major Payne, for his leadership and chants that kept everyone’s spirits up as we made our voyage throughout downtown Alexandria.

Before the race kicked off, there was a ceremony celebrating all of the survivors and honoring those we have lost. To see the community come together and unite, and to be a part of this, was so encouraging and made me see things a little different. Being the “photographer” of the day, I was running around making sure to capture the memories. And while I was hanging behind for a moment, everyone was standing next to each other, kind of like a wall, walking down the street. We were like an army-marching together, standing side-by-side, fighting to end Breast Cancer.

  • Pink Balloon Release

describe the image  Susan G Komen Walk 087 resized 600

Our parent company, Crest Industries, did such a great job putting together this event. We all had matching pink shirts, there were hundreds of pink balloons and the local media came out to cover it. It was a sea of pink as we all gathered together to watch the balloons fly away, each representing a wish for a breast cancer-free world. It was invigorating to watch as everyone’s eyes were fixated to the sky as their balloons faded away.

describe the imageOut at our fabricating facility, there were over 100 day-shift employees that participated in the pink balloon release. I’d like to guesstimate that 90 percent are men, and let me tell you, they were rocking it with their camouflaged pink bandanas! One of the guys in building three, Michael Setliff, has worn a pink shirt EVERY DAY this month in honor of Breast Cancer. Its love and support like this that keeps the world turning.

This month has made an imprint in our lives, and we know that our efforts have helped within our community and across the nation...And we will continue to fight.

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