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Posted by Brooke Barone on Nov 6, 2013 10:47:00 AM



For over a year and a half, Stephen has been a Steel Detailer for DIS-TRAN Steel. He graduated from Tioga High School in 2005, and continued his education at Louisiana Tech University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. He then went on to receive his master’s in Business Administration in 2012.

 His Role

 Stephen’s main role is creating plate files from customer drawings using a software program called AutoCAD. He also modifies existing drawings to match DIS-TRAN detailing standards, and works towards improving work design by noting common problems with drawings and detailing. 

 Favorite Part About His Job

 “Seeing through the eyes of a customer by interpreting their drawings.” Each day is a new learning experience for him when dealing with customers and drawings, and since no situation is the same, he said it helps break the monitory, making his job more exciting.  

  His Hopes for the Future

 “Hopefully solar will pick up along with the new oil discoveries in the gulf and natural gas. Larger companies will be bringing more money to the table to hopefully update the power grid-booth structurally and electrically.” 

 Why He Stands Out

 “Stephen is very thorough when reviewing drawings, often catching small mistakes, and then will also research these mistakes to find the best solutions. He is up for any tasks that are assigned to him.” –Mike Kingston




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